My Reparto Corse

2002 Bianchi Tycoon XL Boron

The motivation for Reparto Dirt was this bike. I was looking for an inexpensive steel hard tail to build up and came across the frame on ebay, but I couldn’t find any specific information on it. Some digging in forums finally led me to a generous person who provided partial scans of the 2002 catalog showing the frame with details on its construction. Officially it is a 2002 Bianchi Tycoon XL Boron. I was frustrated by that lack of information then and I have been surprised that Bianchi mountain bikes are poorly documented in general.

Tycoon 2002 Catalog

I bought the frame and it arrived with some damage to the seat stays that had been disclosed, and some that hadn’t. A trip to Mikkelsen Frames to repair the seat stays followed by a partial repaint at D&D Cycles left the frame in good shape. Parts were purchased on a budget and for functionality. The bike rides like a dream. It’s home turf is the Bay Area single track and it eats it up. My love for this bike has led me to want other people to learn more about Bianchi mountain bikes and their history.

If you have a Bianchi that plays in the dirt that you would like included on the site, please send me an email with photos and words and I’ll post it up. If you have catalog scans, please please please send them in so that this website can become a reference for other people looking to learn more about these great bikes.


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